Out From Underneath

is the best band set to explode onto the music scene. OFU equals hard rock with real melodies and amazing execution with a 'take no prisoners' stage show. Out From Underneath has emerged with a unique and distinctive rock identity.

Out From Underneath got its start when Mike Wuellner and Lui Williams formed its first incarnation during high school. Like so many influential bands, OFU went through several changes to find the perfect mix. After graduation, Mike and Lui went their separate ways to California and Oregon, respectively, where Lui met up with vocalist and childhood buddy, Jamie Love.

That pair performed together across the Northwest before moving back to their hometown and joining with Mike to form OFU's core. The last piece fell into place when the core members brought bassist Jason Shavey into the mix while recording their album "Transitions". Shavey's talent proved to be the perfect finishing touch to the multi-layered sound of OFU, and they've been rocking ever since.

The band's career has been a whirlwind of activity. In addition to a slew of performances, radio interviews and television appearances, OFU also won KISW 99.9FM's "Cockfight" and KISS 106.1FM's "Battle of the Bands" before making it to number seven on the KNDD 107.7FM "People's Choice Countdown". The band continues to travel up and down the west coast, including Hawaii and Alaska, performing to larger and larger audiences and spreading their music to all ages! OFU is also sponsored by TAPCO/Mackie Sound.

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